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About Mustafapasa

Mustafapasa lies in the centre of one of the more verdant areas of Cappadocia, blessed with an underground river whose waters 5 km further south are collected in a dam. Near the dam in a rustic garden where you can sample a catch of the local fish .

Walking out from Ukabeyn a short path leads under the viaduct to the Monastery of St. Nicholas. From here you can walk on up untrodden magic valleys, passing the occasional rock-hewed chapel.

Mustafapasa itself is an artist’s paradise: fine carvings decorate the house -fronts, while old porches are painted in mustard and emerald green.

mustafapasa (sinasos) near urgup in cappadocia

Town facilities

The market area itself has several teashops and a welcoming Taverna.

Mustafapasa also boasts 3 vineries. The ancient Medrese is now home to a small private university where ancient skills such as Ottoman Cuisine, Organic Farming, and Horsemanship are taught.

There is a regular bus service into Urgup and a Post Office.

There are also two souvenir shops and three other restaurants in Mustafapasa. Urgup has an all encompassing market every Saturday, while Mustafapasa has a much smaller one several times a week.

a local taverna and art shop in mustafapasa
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