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About the Region

Cappadocia is situated in the heart of central Anatolia just 300 km from Turkey's capital Ankara. This arid steppe was formed by long-since eroded volcanic craters surrounded by later volcanic mountains which spewed out their fires of lava and ash over thousands of years…

Climatic extremes, wind, rain and a time-lapse of a million years have formed the fairy-like landscape we see today, shaping and sculpting the many tinted layers into so many pinnacled valleys and gorges.

Early man must have found the tuff easy to work with. Over the centuries the soft rock was fashioned into underground hide-outs and habitations cut deep into the valley sides, whose furnishings were again of tuff.


landscape from cappadocia turkey

Agriculturally a poor region Cappadocia was an important border-post in Roman times.

After the missionary journeys of St Paul, those fleeing persection, early schisms and later Arab invasions arrived to hollow out the pinnacled landscape into churches and monasteries. Then as today dovecotes provided manure for the soil.

Since the beginning of the last century interest in Cappadocia has earned it the title of the ‘eighth wonder of the ancient world’. The rural lifestyle of its inhabitants however continues little changed.
rock carvings in capadocia
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